Friday, March 28, 2008

#2 Getting Dresssed Up for the Gym

Contrary to popular belief, college students to not go to the gym to work out. The university recreation center is a breeding ground for those young, fit, and incredibly narcissistic students who feel the need to strut around the opposite sex in tight and revealing “work out clothing.” But this “work out clothing” is not what it sounds. It is just an excuse to wear skimpier clothes that would normally be unacceptable to wear anywhere else on campus. In addition, girls do not actually work out when they are at the university gym. This would ruin their make-up while also making them sweaty and gross. Obviously a turn off to that young hunk over on the weight bench they are trying to get the attention of.

It is completely unacceptable for any college lady to show up at the gym without a) straightening their hair, b) flawless make-up, c) brand new athletic shoes that have never touched pavement, and d) very short shorts. This way when they are “stretching” the young men coincidently behind them have a great view. Also, sportsbras are not at all flattering so must be replaced by a sexy lace bra (so the men around know they wear lingerie).

Granted about 5% of college students actually work out at the university rec center, but they are usually found running on the treadmill for countless hours. The rest of the student body who want to actually work out will join another gym, this way to escape the meat market on campus.

When trying to make conversation with one of these Gymrats, topics such as a) how much you can lift, b) how sweaty you are, and c) what’s going on later are all perfectly acceptable. Steer clear of intellectual conversation because most likely the girl you are talking to should probably be in class right now.


Anonymous said...

so true. dressing up for the gym is the most pointless thing ever.

koitheawesome said...

Perhaps. Perhaps not. I personally go to the gym to work out. I like meeting girls outside the gym, and not so much when I'm sweaty and my hair is all damp (I have long hair so it looks particularly bad). But I do have to say that the girls always look rockin' in their tight little outfits!