Friday, March 28, 2008

# 3 The Smoking Benches

For those unfortunate enough to get stuck with the dorm room right outside the smoking benches, they not only get to enjoy the constant waft of cigarette smoke through their windows but also constant chatter from those cool enough to smoke. The smoking benches are where all the smokers in the dorm congregate to inhale their death-sticks while making awkward conversation with strangers. Usually located right outside the main entrance to the dorm, all the healthy non-smokers must hurry by without breathing any toxins while those who risk their lungs play hacky sack and make plans for the night ahead.

It’s a no-brainer that smoking cigarettes is cool, thus the smoking benches are where to find the cool people. Oftentimes non-smokers will even hang out at the smoking benches simply to meet these risk takers we call smokers. They might even take a drag or two just to fit in.

Most college smokers would agree that the friendships they have now would not have been made without the smoking benches. Where else can total strangers spark up a great conversation simply by asking “hey can I bum a square?” Usually these three and a half minute conversations will end with “so anything fun going on tonight?” and BAM a friendship is born!


Anonymous said...

ha! totally!

fb said...

hey that's where we met!

koitheawesome said...

Smoking benches can definitely be a great place to spark up random conversations (because for some reason smokers can relate to each other a lot better), but I think most people were done "trying to fit in" back in high school.